My name is Dr. Stuart Squires. I am the Associate Director of the Center for Faith and Culture, and Associate Professor at the University of St. Thomas (Houston).

I have published a book titled The Pelagian Controversy: An Introduction to the Enemies of Grace and the Conspiracy of Lost Souls with Wipf and Stock.

Copies are available at Amazon.

Contact me at: squires3@yahoo.com


Endorsements and Reviews:

“Every class in the history of Christian doctrine should assign this remarkable text.”
—Peter Casarella, Duke University

“Squires has provided an important and readable piece that links new ideas and old!”
—Thomas Humphries, Saint Leo University

“Squires offers an interesting survey of the Pelagian controversy and its agonists. He does so in a clear and entertaining style.”
—Mathijs Lamberigts, KU Leuven

“Overall, Squires’s book offers a fine and thought-provoking introduction to the Pelagian controversy.”
—Andrew Chronister, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary