•  “This is the second course I have taken that has been taught by Professor Squires, and I am glad to say that my evaluation of him as an instructor has only improved.  He is passionate about the material, effective in teaching the material and connecting it to current ideas/events/topics/ways of thought.  He is a fair grader, and consistently provides outstanding feedback on assignments.  So far I would say that I have gotten the most out of my two courses with Professor Squires, which comes to me as a surprise as I initially took my first course with him simply to fulfill a requirement.  He wants all his students to excel, but makes you work for your grade, which is some of the highest praise I can give an instructor.  He is hands down the best instructor I have encountered at DePaul thus far.”
  • “Professor Squires does not let his students get by with anything but their best effort. Sometimes I found this frustrating, but at the same time I felt it was fair because this is COLLEGE, we’re supposed to give 100% everyday! The professor encouraged me to really engage with the documents we read for class, which I enjoyed.   All in all, Professor Squires was tough but fair.  He really does make you work quite hard for an A in his class.”
  • “Well I am so happy to be done with DePaul!  However, there will always be a place in my heart for those who have helped me along the way.  I enjoyed your class and you were in my top 5 professors.  Good luck in your future at DePaul and beyond.”
  • “What I like so much about the course focus was that even though it was in essence a modern Christian history course mixed with some current events, it never felt that way during the class. Every topic covered had a direct correlation with current events, and the course overall helped me to better understand many aspects of the current religious landscape, especially with regards to Catholicism and Christianity in general.  I think that this is a course that would be exceptionally useful for all students at DePaul to take, regardless of their religious beliefs, as it clarifies and teaches how a very large portion of the population approach the world and think about the world.”
  • “Great instructor! I went to Loyola my freshman year in which I was enrolled in a theology course, but the professor did not explain anything in depth and expected everyone to have previous knowledge of the subject matter.  With that being said, many people failed.  This instructor takes the time to go over everything in depth in a chronological order!  He answered questions and was considerate to everyone’s basic knowledge to what was being taught!  I would recommend this professor.”
  • “Great prof, truly among the best I’ve ever had.  I never would have thought a history class would have changed the way I think so drastically.”
  • “I picked this class because it fulfills the religious studies requirement and at the time I signed up anything else I might have liked to take was already full.  I had very low expectations coming in, but this was one of the most interesting classes that I have taken.  Professor Squires is an excellent teacher and I would recommend him to anyone.”
  • “The professor is very demanding of participation during class. He explained concepts in detail, and encouraged things we could do outside of class that may help better understand this course.”
  • “A really great teacher.  He knew the material well enough to give out good insight about what we were reading and was able to assist you if you were stuck and did not understand the material.”
  • “Professor Squires knows A LOT about early Christianity, so he was able to fully articulate the more difficult subject matter which was very good.”
  • “I took this class simply to fulfill a requirement and ended up learning a lot and thinking about different things concerning Christianity and God that I had never really thought about in depth.”
  • “This was my favorite course.  I really enjoyed the teaching style, and the way the class was run.”
  • “The instructor made this course.  I don’t think I would have learned as much, worked as hard, or been as interested as I was if another professor was teaching the class.”
  • “I liked his method of teaching.  Some of the material was very confusing and challenging but he was very helpful in trying to help us understand.  I liked that he took up the 1st 15 minutes of class to review so that we could refresh our minds on past lectures and major points.  I also liked that he gave many examples to help us understand the concepts and remember the concepts.  He was a great professor overall.  If he had not been so helpful I do not think I would have done good in this class.”
  • “This course challenged me to think critically about the faith I was raised in which was enjoyable.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone with even a remote interest in Christianity.”
  • “Professor Squires always worked to get students to participate in class, especially asking student’s opinions on the implications of a beliefs, etc.  He kept the class interested and I felt that his teaching method was very effective.”
  • “He’s a pretty nifty dude.  Nicely dressed too.”
  • “He was very professional, which at first was sort of intimidating, but later he became more approachable, still professional, but when he told personal stories and related them to the topic we were studying, I felt that the class was even relatable to me, and I would understand the subject better.”
  • “He is beyond knowledgeable on the subject, and knows how to present the subject matter well to students who may not know much about the subject.”

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